Princes of the Apocalypse

The Lord of Lance Rock
Week 3

To be added:
-The party returns to town from Tricklerock cave empty handed. They spend the night staking out the Quarry to see if these ‘Stone faced’ men would show up. The party finds nothing at the Quarry.

-Mara again goes to talk with Albaeri in the morning, who is surprised to see her. She asks if Albaeri would coordinate with some workers to stay late tonight so the party could again stake out the Quarry for these ‘Stone face’ men. Albaeri agrees, but again tells Mara that these men are just rumors and not to be worried about.

-That night the party returned and over watched the Quarry from above and from inside. This time they had Constable Harbuck accompany them with 2 of his men. The party again finds no one lurking around the Quarry.

-The next morning the party disembarks for Lance Rock, at the request of Kayleesa to investigate mysterious sightings. The party finds a farm south of town and pay the farmer to keep their horses and wagon for the night. The party then doubles back around the town and stake out the Quarry from above. Again, the party doesn’t find any suspicious ‘stone face’ men.

-The next morning the party returns to the farm south of town and retrieve their horses and wagon. They then head toward Lance Rock to investigate Kayleesa’s claim of mysterious sightings.

-Once at Lance Rock the party finds signs next to a trail warning them of entry. The trail leads into a cave entrance where the party finds a body on the ground. The Unyielding picks up the body to bring outside and it is immediately reanimated into a zombie and attacks. The party continues into the cave and is ambushed by more zombies in the next room. Continuing into the cave further, the party finds 3 more zombies (dressed as a bear, a woman, and a jester) acting and dancing. Mara decides to lead the party in and attacks the zombies. Afterwards, the party decides that they need to rest to regain strength, so the double back through the cave to a smaller room filled with corpses. 3 Skeletons attack the party from inside when the Unyielding goes in to search through the weapons. Once the Skeletons are dealt with, the rest of the bodies were cleared out and the party is able to rest, with the help of an alarm spell.

Haunted Tomb
Week 2

To be added:
-Party leaves in the morning to talk with Pell about her ghost sighting. Find that she was exploring a tomb outside of town when she saw this ghost. The party heads towards the Tomb to investigate.

-The party comes across the Tomb with its door slightly ajar. Mara decides to push the door open and sets off some sort of makeshift alarm. Inside the Tomb the party finds a rusted iron door leading to another room and attempts to open it. When the door is touched, a Ghostly Armored Human male appears in the room and attempts to make the party leave with a warning. After unsuccessfully talking the party into leaving the Ghost then attacks, trying to defend the tomb and his Master one last time. During combat, Mougra and Geeraugh attempt to attack the party from behind. The party successfully deals with the Ghost as well as Mougra and Geeraugh. They are eventually able to force their way through the iron door and into the inner tomb. They find a chest at the foot of the tomb and take the valuables inside. When the coffin is opened, a Sentient sword starts to attack those in the room. The party is able to seal the tomb and takes the bodies of Mougra and Geeraugh back to town for Constable Harbuck.

-Minthra and Constable Harbuck are both surprised and relieved that the party was able to find and deal with this ghost problem. Harbuck again rewarded the party with a free nights stay at the Swinging Sword Inn.

-Mara was told about a mysterious group of people wearing stone masks watching over the quarry workers at night. She went to talk with the Albaeri Mellikho, the owner of the Mellikho Stoneworks (Quarry). Albaeri told Mara that these ‘sightings’ were just rumors and stories the workers were using to get out of working late at night. She then tells Mara of a legendary treasure at the Tricklerock Cave just south of town off of the Larch Parth.

-Mara informs the party of this ‘legendary treasure’ and they head off to find it. Once inside Tricklerock cave, the party is attacked by a group of bloodsucking Scourges and almost killed. The party finds no treasure in the cave…

Trouble in Red Larch
Week 1

The Adventure Begins….

Our party finds itself at the Swinging Sword Inn in the town of Red Larch. The inn owner, Kayleesa Irkell, and her staff do not trust outsiders because of the many strange events that have been happening around the town and the Dessarin Valley area. She offers the strange newcomers only 2 rooms, which they are forced to share because of her distrust. Geth Stormcrow, the trusting Paladin, is quick to make acquaintances with Killdrak Ironfist, a stout Mountain Dwarf, and Rebecca Stridewright, a Half-Elf who seemed to enjoy the company of Killdrak and who loves the triangle…. Eventually accompanied by Velm Firesong, who was busy laying down tracks on his loon that were so fire the room seemed to get hotter the longer he played. The other room was given to Orryn Nackle, the know it all Gnome who has recently been spending his days working at the Mellikho Stoneworks. Mara, the Half-Elf who prefers her back to a wall, spoke with Orryn about sharing his room (in fewer words than I typed). She also extend the invitation to Balatros, the Halfling that thought he couldn’t be seen hiding in the corner. Everyone in the Inn is perplexed when the door swings open and a large, very large, Goliath walks in. He approaches Kayleesa and asks for a room. When he finds that none are available he turns around and exits, preferring to sleep outside. There is no adventuring tonight, except for the adventure of figuring out how Geth, Killdrak, Rebecca, and Velm will share a room with a single bed…

Day breaks and the characters start to awaken and head down to breakfast. Even The Unyielding manages to make his way into the Inn. Geth was interested in speaking with the town Constable to offer his assistance in any way that he could. Kayleesa was more than happy to point Geth in the right direction, which happened to be towards the town Butcher where the Constable worked. Geth was accompanied by most of the party, some characters thinking that this would be a good opportunity for adventure. Killdrak decided to head to the town blacksmith to offer his services and to repair his armor. Rebecca accompanied Killdrak and decided that he needed to hear all of her wonderful songs of the Triangle. All of them. Balatros, again forgotten about, stayed back at the Inn and again found his corner of silence.

To be added:
-Party receives quest from Constable Harbuk
-Party travels down the Cairn Roard in search of Bandits that have been robbing and murdering travelers
-Party Comes across a group of humanoids and orcs just off the Cairn Roard, about 6 miles outside of town. Geth attempts to subdue the group in the name of the ‘Constable of Red Larch’. The two parties engage in combat.
-The party is victorious and loads the bodies of the deceased bandits into a wagon and bring them back to town as proof for the Constable.
-The Constable is surprised that the party was able to find and defeat these bandits and rewarded them with a nights stay at the Swinging Sword Inn
-The party negotiates with Kayleesa at the Inn for 2 draft horses to pull their wagon. They are also informed by Kayleesa of a recent ghost sighting by Pell, granddaughter of Minthra Mhandyvver. Geth was asked to investigate this ghost sighting and his reward would be a Warhorse that she had been keeping in her stable.


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