Princes of the Apocalypse

The Lord of Lance Rock

Week 3

To be added:
-The party returns to town from Tricklerock cave empty handed. They spend the night staking out the Quarry to see if these ‘Stone faced’ men would show up. The party finds nothing at the Quarry.

-Mara again goes to talk with Albaeri in the morning, who is surprised to see her. She asks if Albaeri would coordinate with some workers to stay late tonight so the party could again stake out the Quarry for these ‘Stone face’ men. Albaeri agrees, but again tells Mara that these men are just rumors and not to be worried about.

-That night the party returned and over watched the Quarry from above and from inside. This time they had Constable Harbuck accompany them with 2 of his men. The party again finds no one lurking around the Quarry.

-The next morning the party disembarks for Lance Rock, at the request of Kayleesa to investigate mysterious sightings. The party finds a farm south of town and pay the farmer to keep their horses and wagon for the night. The party then doubles back around the town and stake out the Quarry from above. Again, the party doesn’t find any suspicious ‘stone face’ men.

-The next morning the party returns to the farm south of town and retrieve their horses and wagon. They then head toward Lance Rock to investigate Kayleesa’s claim of mysterious sightings.

-Once at Lance Rock the party finds signs next to a trail warning them of entry. The trail leads into a cave entrance where the party finds a body on the ground. The Unyielding picks up the body to bring outside and it is immediately reanimated into a zombie and attacks. The party continues into the cave and is ambushed by more zombies in the next room. Continuing into the cave further, the party finds 3 more zombies (dressed as a bear, a woman, and a jester) acting and dancing. Mara decides to lead the party in and attacks the zombies. Afterwards, the party decides that they need to rest to regain strength, so the double back through the cave to a smaller room filled with corpses. 3 Skeletons attack the party from inside when the Unyielding goes in to search through the weapons. Once the Skeletons are dealt with, the rest of the bodies were cleared out and the party is able to rest, with the help of an alarm spell.



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